Move your Terraform Backend to any Custom S3

We recently had to swtich from an Terraform-Artifactory Backend to an S3 one.

Since we do not work with AWS mostly, we have to use a “custom S3 provider”.

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This is what the result looks like:

I’m aware the those two skip flags are obsolet, but they just work fine in our case…

We use skip_region_validation because we had to set eu-de as our region and terraform wount get tired to tell us that we dont use an valid AWS-S3 region like us-west-1 or so.

We had to use skip_credentials_validation because it seams that terraform tries to connect to AWS where our providede credentials didn’t work.

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Then we where able to run our Terraform init command:

Which then finished successfull:


Working as a IT-Operations engineer at NeXenio, a spin-off by Hasso-Plattner-Institute for products around a digitial workspace.

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